SHARK - LEGS: Regular

“Another Success Story!”
Rene Brinkman – Holeshot Stud –
Johannesburg, South Africa

OUR HORSE: “Mystic, a 4 ½ year
old mare, developed Laminitis during an ipaction colic on 10 March 2007. She suffered rotation in both her front feet. Once a horse has had laminitis, they are prone to reoccurrences and so need careful management.”

AFTER 2 WEEKS: “I had some bad news on Friday, my farrier was rather upset with Mystic’s feet this time, as there were bad gas pockets, lesions and bruising.”

AFTER 7 WEEKS: “My farrier did my horses feet yesterday and he was amazed at the condition of everyone’s feet!

Especially Mystic’s, she should be in a reverse shoe for at least another 3 months, but he said that she is looking so good that he even debated leaving her shoes off all together. But he will not rush it and asses her at the next session.






Tried everything and NOTHING works?
Say goodbye to Arthritis, Laminitis,
Navicular and Ringbone Disease
and Joint Problems!

Shark Legs - Regular & Pregnant Mare Formula

The Perfect
Don't be lame!

Use Shark-Legs (formerly known as Lame-A-Way) the only, original BROAD SPECTRUM supplement for lameness. Take no hostages when it comes to lameness issues. Is your horse suffering from Ringbone, Navicular, Laminitis, Arthritis, or joint problems?

Why not add Shark Legs to his diet and treat your horse to the multi-faceted benefits of Glucosamines, Hyaluronic Acid, Yucca, Shark Cartilage, Amino Acids, Ginger, Gelatin, Bioflavonoid, Ester C, MSM, CoEnzyme Q10, OPC Grape Seed Extract, anti-oxidants… and more?

With the synergistic effect of these amazing ingredients acting together, there is nothing else like Shark-Legs Legs in the world. So popular, we had to create a formula for dogs and people too!

Also Available–Shark Cartilage Free Pregnant Mare Formula.

  1. Shark Legs - Regular

    Shark Legs - Regular
    The Perfect Balance - Don't be lame!

    6 Lbs @ €295.60
  2. Cut-A-Way Spray

    A face is a terrible thing to waste! This priceless, imported, Cremello Warmblood Stallion, Mystic Blue Eyes, was first treated with Cut-A-Way, and then followed up with Hair-Gro-Back.

    16 fl.oz @ €34.50
  3. Hair-Gro-Back

    Speed up the hair re-grow of your horse!

  4. Shark Legs - Pregnant Mare

    Shark Legs - Pregnant Mare
    The Perfect Balance - Don't be lame!

    6 Lbs @ €295.60